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                福建和达玻璃技术有限公司成立于2012年,是一ω家从事AG防眩光玻璃(Anti-glare glass)、AR减反射玻璃和AF防指纹玻璃生产及玻璃减薄的现代化新锐企业◆。自行研↑发的AG玻璃化学生产工艺环保,产品」通过了SGS认证,化学物质残留符合欧洲标准,比喷涂法生产的AG玻璃有着无可比拟的可塑性和★稳定性。公司基础设施完善,具备环保资①质,技术力量雄厚,目前已拥有三项与♀防眩玻璃生产核心技术相关的发明。自行∴研发制造的AG玻璃【自动化生产线单条日均可生产防眩玻璃800至1000㎡,产量与√质量均居国内同行水平至之上。公司产品广泛应用于手机※屏幕、电脑屏幕、电视屏幕、触控设备显示屏、设备、工业仪器仪表及电视拼接墙等领域。产品主要销往珠三角、东南亚、港澳台地区及欧美市场,主要ω 客户涉及世界众多知名电子厂商。


                Fujian Heda Glass Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2012, is a professional modern and cutting-edge enterprise specializing in glass thinning and the production of AG (Anti-glare)glass, AR (Anti-reflection) glass and AF (anti-fingerprint) glass. The AG glass chemical production process that based on our own R & D is safe and environmental protection. Our products have passed the SGS certification, chemical residue conforms to European standard, having incomparable plasticity and stability than which produced by spray method. We have perfect infrastructure and strong technical force. We have the environmental qualification, owning three patents of invention related to the core technology of the anti-glare glass production. Based on our own R & D and manufacture, our AG glass automatic production line can produce anti-glare glass average daily of 800 to 1000 square meters. While the production and quality rank a leading field in the whole country. Our products are widely used in the fields of the mobile phone screen, computer screen, TV screen, touch display, medical equipment, industrial instruments and TV splicing wall etc. Our products are mainly sold to the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, European and American markets. And the major customers involved in many world famous electronic manufacturers.

                Our company is conveniently located in Longzhou Industrial Park, Xinluo District, Longyan City, Fujian province with a convenient transportation and developed logistics. We strictly adhere to the concept of "Quality is prime, with people-oriented, good-faith service and innovative technology". Over the years, through the standard internal management, stable product quality and a sound marketing network, we won wide recognition from the general customers and the industry.